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This Page is a Legacy Page
*NOTE: The content on this page does not contain information about the current RCHS dance program.
Mrs. Harvie taught at RCHS from 2006-2014
Once a Bolt, Always a Bolt

Welcome to the Dance Community Page for Ridge Community High School. This site includes everything you'll need to know about the Dance Community at Ridge. The dance experience at Ridge is unique because it offers students a balanced high school life. High school should be a time of new experiences, challenges, and growth. While we want dance to be a vital part of our dancers' lives we don't want to encourage DANCE to become their entire life. We further believe it is important to instill respect and encourage our students to find balance in their academic studies and seek out new interests and opportunities as a young person. We support our students as they enjoy a healthy well-rounded family and social life. We ask that in this balance that our dancers find the place where dance fits comfortably in their families lives. We believe that it is important to recognize the place of importance dance has in their lives through actions, commitment, and responsibility. Our dancers emerce themselves in the art of dance, receive quality-standards based training, ignite their passion for the art of dance, challenge themselves intellectually, affirm life-long healthy choices through physical conditioning and nutrition, and develop a sense of self esteem and confidence. Our students are given opportunities to perform within the school, the community, and the state.

There is a place for everyone in the Dance Community at Ridge. Whether you have danced since you were in diapers or you are just getting started, we have a place for you. We have advanced classes which range from ballerinas on Pointe shoes to serious students who are training to become professionals. We also have beginning classes and these classes are great if you have always been interested in dance and want to take dance as a fun elective or because you think might want to become a dancer.