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“Jazz, itself is a feeling, an honest, personal feeling, inspired by soulful music. The source of jazz is inside. Jazz cannot be found in a pose, or a leap, or a bump, or a grind. It’s not a series of ‘jazz steps’. Jazz must be an honest expression of a musical soul. Jazz dance is moving with that feeling through a safe and effective technique. Never force an extension or back arch. Nothing should hurt. Technique is like tuning an instrument; learn to tune your body just right, so that when you go to play it, it’s beautiful. Never stop moving. Even when you are standing still, feel the movement inside.”


                                                                                    - Luigi, jazz dance legend, NYC 1993

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*NOTE: The content on this page does not contain information about the current RCHS dance program.
Mrs. Harvie taught at RCHS from 2006-2014
Once a Bolt, Always a Bolt

Syllabus 2013-14 You may download.  Mrs. H has emailed this to all students and parents.

Late Homework will not be accepted beyond week 7 of each nine weeks. Keep up with weekly assignments. All due dates are listed and all homework is listed on your syllabus for the entire year.


Study Guides and Exam Resources posted here throughout the year :

(STUDY Human Anatomy test; Unit 1 test Appearance, Etiquette, and Protocols.)


Nutrition Journal- This assignment is required for all Dance 1 students in order to prepare for next week's Dance Nutrition Lessons.  Beginning on Saturday record everything that you eat.  Food, snacks, water, sodas, etc.  Record the date, meal or snack, and the calorie intake for each item (read the nutrition label; if it does not have a label you probably shouldn't be eating or drinking it.)

Do not change your normal day to day eating habits-eat and drink as you normally would.

Oct. 7

Cereal and Milk     120 cal

Apple                       30 cal.

8oz orange juice     100 cal.

chocolate bar          190 cal.

turkey sandwich     300 cal

coke                        180 cal.

Oreos 5                    200 cal

Steak                       100 cal.

Potato w/ butter       140 cal.

coke                         180 cal.

Total Caloric Intake 1540 cal


 Good Nutrition for Dancers Summarize the information on Dance Nutrition using the short response format.  (Rubric)


RESEARCH- Do not plagiarize.  If you copy or paste text- it should be in quotes and cited.  All research papers should cite reliable sources.  DO NOT USE

WIKIPEDIA.  ALL research done in this course should be double spaced, 12 font, with a cover page and citation page.  MLA format.  It should be edited for grammar, punctuation etc.  Go to OWL at Perdue University's website for samples and "how to write in MLA" style.  (Link below in first research assignment.)  Research papers should reflect your personal understanding of the topic.  Facts should be clearly stated and researched well.  If you cannot type your paper you need to make arrangements with Mrs. H to seek a library pass in advance. 


Research 3 Multi-cultural Dances.  (Choose a country and use resources such as You Tube to watch samples of the movements).  Compare and Contrast the three different countries and the folk or native dances from that region of the world.  Consider dances which are for celebration, ritual, and native to the country.  All sources should be cited properly.  Paper should be a minimum of 3 pages, cover page, reference/citation page.  Paper's should be typed.  See Mrs. Harvie for instructions if you cannot type your paper before turning it in for help.   MLA format which includes 12 point font, 1” margins, double-spaced, etc. A good website to help you is OWL at Perdue University. It has links to almost any question regarding writing, grammar, punctuation, etc.


Jazz Vocabulary 

Copy or Hand write the Vocabulary. You may use the internet, the media center, or borrow a book from Mrs. Harvie's office during lunch to complete this assignment. 


Dance Company Research- Using the above instructions for research, write one page with references on a Jazz based dance company and the work they are doing.


Jazz History- Summarize the origins of Jazz dance in your own words.  Pay attention to the timeline.  1 to 2 paragraphs neatly written or typed.


Well-Read Dancer

Read three DANCE magazine articles either online or check out a dance magazine from Mrs. H.  Summarize the article with one paragraph or more for each article read.

1. Technique Related

2. Injury Prevention

3. Dance Company, Dance Legend, Choreography, Dance History being the focus of the article.

Possible websites include: Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine, Pointe Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine.


Father of Jazz Dance; Jazz legend Research- Using the information on MLA Research write 2 pages with citations on .  Who was the "Father of Jazz Dance"?  Be sure to give biographical information, "big breaks", awards and contributions, as well as present day information regarding choreographic works they are creating.  The list below will offer you some options for researching legendary Jazz Figures.  Don't leave out who was the Father of Jazz, that is for you to research on your own.  (1 page on Father, 1 page on legend)

First Year Jazz Students:

 Bob Fosse


Matt Mattox

Gus Giordano

Joe Tremaine

Frank Hatchett

Second Year Jazz Students: 

Second/Third year students will research the following:

Lynn Simonson

Gwen Verdon

Josephine Baker

Michael Kidd

Chita Rivera


Tina Pratt